Transformed to Thrive — Nurturing Your Heart — B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

Transformed to Thrive — Nurturing Your Heart — B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

Living well is a response. A response to life that is natural, easy and perfect for YOU. It’s not a choice to perform based on another’s ideas of what is best for you, but a response to an inner knowing. A “what” that will serve you, to be your best: in mind, body and spirit. Experiencing wholeness sets your life at ease. A knowing that guides you in movement, sustenance, thought, speech, in complete being, so that you thrive. For so long we have sought solutions outside ourselves instead of knowing our self and our innate ability to respond to what is the best. As you become enlivened to the truth of your unique person, your heart, you can experience true liberation — a freedom that allows you to thrive.

Self care is of the utmost importance; the most beneficial ingredient. Find your truth and live it. It is an expression of faith, a following of your heart and sensitivities and embracing truth to develop your inner listening skills and then experience miraculous transformations.

Remember: There is nothing, no thing outside of any of us that offers healing, wholeness, or peace. It lies within us, the key is the ability to unfold our tightly protected or conditioned heart so it can relate and pour forth its blessings on our life. Your heart can be sensitive and fiercely strong at the same time. It embodies the presence of both feminine and masculine energies. When your heart is balanced and open, it offers the truest form of blessing on your life as possible. It is the miracle you seek. It is the peace that passes all understanding. Nurturing, trusting, developing your heart is the most important task to be about in your daily life: it is the key to thriving. The transformation in physical life is the evidence of this truth. This is not a place of judging yourself for unfulfilled desires or negative qualities. It is a place to begin to love yourself unconditionally in spite of shortcomings and disappointments. When you can believe this in your heart, then you can experience a change in behavior: B.E.L.I.E.V.E Behaving Everyday Like I’m Eternal, Valuable, Entitled.




Every illness is the result of misdirected LOVE

Every illness is the result of misdirected LOVE

I learned this from don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

The first direction of love should be to yourself, from this all else evolves.

St Paul stated that the love is the greatest above all other human experiences

He also stated that we are all connected and important to the whole; like a limb to a body.

When we realize that we are significant and take value in our part of the whole, then we can live in freedom, fearlessly, with hope, and filled with love for one another.

In order to serve another, we must first come to the end of ourself that is attached to a particular outcome.

There is a flow to all living: the wind, the water, the blood. It is in this flow that life exists in its best state. When the energy, life force is disrupted then breakdowns occur. We are a sum of all the parts and of all our experiences, environments, education, emotions, and energies. Listen to the song of your heart, it’s a conglomeration and unique. Don’t be afraid to sing, to share. You are a piece of the symphony of life and we need you. Find your voice and let it rip in love.

How to Make the Body’s Command Center     Happy

How to Make the Body’s Command Center Happy


Typically our food supply and lifestyle do not support a healthy liver. I wrote this to help me keep on task.  I hope it offers you some benefit as well.  

Here are lists to aid you in valuing and nourishing your liver!

The Liver -The Command Center for the Body

Supports almost every organ in the body
Regulates levels of most of the main blood chemicals
Produces energy by breaking down food into glucose
Helps rid the body of waste and toxins
Produces bile to help digest fat
Produces many essential amino acids and proteins needed for growth and repair of all bodily tissues and metabolic processes
Vital role in fighting infections
Able to regenerate, but extensive damage can impair this function

Help Me!

  • Organic foods help decrease the toxic burden. Some common toxins in your food: herbicides, growth hormones, and pesticides
  • Sulfur foods! Garlic and Onions
  • Cruciferous veggies increase the levels of glucosinolate (important for liver metabolism)
  • Beets are a super food (betaine) for the liver (betaine is a methyl donor which is important to protect against fatty liver)
  • Whole grains for detoxification. (B vitamins in whole grains aid in methylation and create the master antioxidant, glutathione)
  • Shitake Mushrooms
  • Nutrients that support methylation and thus liver function:
    • B2 (yeast, organ meats, oily fish, whole grains, avocados, millet, wild rice)
    • B6 (lightly cooked animal products, whole grains, legumes, nuts)
    • B12 (meat, dairy, fish, B12 supplements for vegans)
    • Folate (raw green, liver, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts)
    • Magnesium (leafy greens, dried apricots, avocados, most nuts and grains)
    • Zinc (oysters, whole oats, pumpkin seed, pecans, brazil nuts)

Hurt Me

• Poor diet and lack of exercise
• Proton Pump Inhibitors (long lasting reduction of gastric acid production)
• Corticosteroids (any of a group of steroid hormones produced in the adrenal cortex or made synthetically)
• Estrogen containing drugs
• Excessive alcohol (decreases glutathione, leading to toxic build up in the bloodstream and tissues)
• Processed foods including: smoked and cured foods
• Food allergens or sensitivities
• Harsh household chemicals, soaps, and shampoos
• Anger
• Unresolved or continuous stress

Liver Imbalances may show up as;

  • Skin discorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic allergies
  • Autoimmunity
  • Chronic inflammatory disorders
  • Hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Gallstones



Neat conversation

I had a neat conversation with a man and his teenage son a few days ago. I was struck  when I saw them standing at the grocery deli with arms wrapped around each other’s backs. I wanted to rush over and give them both a big hug; it was such a beautiful sight. As I walked near, I resisted the urge, but I did say to myself, I actually need some cheese. So as I stood next to them, I smiled and asked,”Is this your son?” The father looked at me, smiled and said, “Yes.” The son looked at me and I said, “I love you, you are beautiful.” The son reacted by taking his hand and pounding it on his ear, I noticed both ears were deformed from what seemed like numerous strikes through the years. Neurological damage, I assumed caused the involuntary response of head banging, possibly frustration too (I hope I didn’t upset him). The father gently took his son’s arm and placed it around his back. I learned from the father, as the son listened with understanding, they were heading to the fair. How fun, I exclaimed. I asked the son if he liked to swing, thinking of Jude and how he loves swinging. The father answered for his non-verbal son and said, “He loves the carnival rides, but the not the swing. He doesn’t like to move backwards.” We chatted a few more moments and then they moved on. As I reflect back on this conversation many things struck me. But two stand out. The son, Ben, likes moving forward, not backward. Wisdom for us all. The other thing is that, I wish it was not unusual or odd to see a father and son standing arm in arm at the deli line. I am etching this sight in my longtime memory. We may see a disabled person, but he is a perfect soul and we all need each other in some way or another.

~~~~~   I wish you More   ~~~~~~

~~~~~ I wish you More ~~~~~~

When a flood comes, the only thing that doesn’t get carried away are the things with deep roots. 

I asked myself — what are my deep roots?  Deep with I knew the answer, my faith — a knowing that everything we witness (encounter) here on Earth is an experience.  It is shrouded many times in mystery; especially the difficult experiences.  I knew as I looked deeply, when we hang on to the physical — the form — we most always come up short, lacking, disappointed, and frustrated.

~~~~More~~~~is the key.  A knowing deep within that there is More to life than the physical aspect.  More to living, beyond our physical senses.  This is where we are ALIVE.  Our physical keeps us bound, but our faith, the More – keeps us grounded and secure.

The More is where fear looses it tight grip.

The More is where expansiveness resides in each one of us — all of us!

There is no magic formula, no way to get it, no person to request it from, it is in us now!

The More is the spark of divinity with us — it is our heart.  It supersedes all physical reasoning and intellect.  It is genius.  And we all have it.

Most of us have not remembered this truth.  We forgot and in our forgetting, we suffer.  Suffering is not bad.  We all experience, it is part of our human experience.  Yet, it does not have to have dominion over our human experience.  In the MORE, our divinity, our faith — we wake up and know in our heart that we can transform, expand, and rise to embrace the suffering in this physical plane with a renewing of our mind — so our torment is lessened and our body is relaxed and our faith is restored.  Our minds can’t reason this.  Our hearts know it is true.  My wish for you is More – so much more that you burst inside and light fills the room. 

Peanut Butter & Coconut Balls

• 1⁄4 cup coconut oil
• 1 1⁄4 cups organic creamy peanut butter
• 3⁄4 cup ricotta cheese or Greek yogurt
• 3 tbsp. raw cacao (may be omitted)
• 1⁄2 cup honey
• 1/16 tsp. salt
• 1 cup+ shredded coconut
• 2 oz. 70%+ dark chocolate, melted  (if desired)

Line cookie sheet with wax paper. Soften coconut oil. When soft, add the peanut butter, ricotta cheese, cacao, honey and salt and mix well with a mixer. Place in the fridge for about 10 minutes.
Pour 1 cup of shredded coconut into a small bowl. Remove mix from fridge and scoop a small spoonful of mixture and drop into the shredded coconut. Using fingers or a clean spoon roll dough around in coconut to cover. Set on a cookie sheet. Continue until all are formed/covered. Drizzle with melted chocolate if desired.

Place the cookie sheet in the freezer for approx. 30 minutes to set. Transfer to container and store in the freezer or the fridge.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”  Helen Keller

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” Helen Keller

One of the most profound experiences I  had in 2017 was a face to  face encounter with a bear.  It was most terrifying and most exhilarating.  Bob and I spent the month of June in the wilderness of Canada on the shores of Lake Superior, his family cabin.  Yes, it’s quiet.  Yes, it’s stunning.   Yes, there is no electricity or Wi-Fi and cell service can be found on few areas of the beach, if you stand correctly.  I have many favorite activities there, but my most favorite is time in the woods with the pups.  One day, we went deeper than usual and a bit off of the rugged trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park.  I spotted a cluster of orchids and captured a few with my camera.  I enjoyed their beauty along with other more common plants.  It’s extremely quiet during the day when the sun is high in the sky.  The birds are napping and the only sound is a twig breaking underfoot.  A week later I decided to venture to the orchids again.  I wanted to see if there were more clusters.  I spotted them and as I walked over to capture their image, Scout began barking, unusual even for him in this serene environment.  I looked up to where he was running and saw a bear peering, not at him, but at me.  This is what went through my mind in the second I saw her, before I ran….she was beautiful:  a honey colored snout surrounding her black nose and huge sensitive eyes looking at me curiously.  Wow!  Then in that split second, adrenalin kicked in and I ran like crazy wondering if I could navigate or even follow the rustic trail with break neck speed.  I yelled as I ran, “Rocky, Scout come!”  I imagined Scout going face to face with this beautiful animal and being tossed aside a bloody mess, with Rocky licking his wounds.  I continued yelling as I ran, praying they were following me.  I hoped she turned back into the woods with her curiosity satisfied.  They did catch up with me and I then followed them as we raced through the woods back to the cabin.  The image of this beautiful creature still lingers in my mind, in that split second, I felt a connection with her.  I was too stunned to capture a picture and too scared to linger, but her image and my exhilaration will remain with me.  I wouldn’t ask for an encounter like that, but I am so very grateful that I experienced it.  I am curious too and I know she and I have more in common that we could ever imagine.  


Focus on Feeling Good…..and a little child shall lead them.

My little granddaughter heard an older brother scream in frustration about all the things he hated. Hours later when the thought was put in her head about time for bed, she started quietly saying all the things she hated. I ask her about something I knew she loved, her princesses. She immediately changed her attitude and said, “I love my princesses.” She is so close to purity at 5 that she was able to make an immediate transition from feeling bad to feeling good. She relaxed and enjoyed the music that was playing in the vehicle, got home and was easy about readying for bedtime.

It may take us longer from feeling bad to feeling good, because we carry a lot of baggage in the form of grief and unwanted experiences, but the possibility for us is exactly the same. We can get to feeling better, we can experience joy, relief. We just need to change our point of focus onto what we love, what makes us feel good. This simple yet profound exercise, repeated over time changes our life to what we know to be true from within: the deepest yearning, that propels us and gives breath to our dreams, ambitions and goals.

Take an evolutionary leap to a place that makes your life harmonious and happy. How? By realizing that you are a powerful creator. We all are.
Detoxify your mind, by allowing good feeling thoughts to pervade.
Focus on feeling good. Place good feeling thoughts in your mind.
Find the best feeling thought you can muster and stay with it until you feel better. Then continue, moment after moment, day after day. Live your life….pay your bills, take out the garbage, but always practice feeling good. Then see your life transform.

Embrace this truth first, then allow it to transform your life


There is no thing, nothing, outside of any us that offers healing – wholeness – peace.  It lies within us. The key is the ability to unfold our tightly protected or conditioned heart so it can release and pour forth its blessings on our life.  Our heart is sensitive and fiercely strong at the same time.  It embodies the presence of the masculine and the feminine qualities.  When balanced and open, it is the truest form of blessing on our life.  It is the miracle we seek.  It is the peace that passes all understanding and in all circumstances.  Nurturing, trusting, developing our own heart is the most important task we can be about in our daily life, because this is the key to thriving.  The transformation in our physical life is the evidence of this truth.  As we embody these truths, we can bless others from this peaceful place.  The energy of alignment with our true self, our pure heart radiates outward and transmits beams of love, joy, contentment and pure peace.  It is felt. It is experienced.  Embrace this truth, learn to trust your heart, practice living in the present moment and know that your heart can speak to you.  Nurture your heart, nurture your self.  Within lives the kingdom of heaven.