Enlightenment is the state of mind that has released fear and hostility, to a stateIMG_3676that is permeated with love.  The mind is transformed and true healing (wholeness) occurs.  This occurs as the mind is renewed, reborn, and rejuvenated.  How do you renew your mind?  It is in the silence, the stillness, and the place between thoughts that renewal begins and continues as long as we live in the physical, the temporary.   Hope is born here, enthusiasm for life flows , and the quest for more abundance resides.  This is the process of growth.  Enlightenment lifts, illuminates and transforms.  So seek love above all things and gain enlightenment as a result.  Life is sweeter in the process, no matter what.  Keep in mind though, it’s not an intellectual pursuit.  It is a spiritual process.

Big Changes, little steps

Big changes occur with little steps – sometimes these steps are dramatic and confusing, others are just the day to day routines.  It is the living that occurs within these steps that is important and those who chose love make the largest impact.  Have an intention to find love, choose appreciation, develop a spiritual practice that connects you to your source equals a rich life.  It’s not just a possibility it is probable.  When you get still; you can hear. Clarity is by product to stillness.  You can discern what is needed in order to create positive changes in your life.  This is the beauty of life:  Get still, listen, ask, discover, and live.

I thought it was a dream

Turmeric smells this moment as a sweet perfume.  The turmeric paste covers my wrist. When the medicine is correct; it is sweet and sanctified.

I woke this morning after 2 hours of sleep.  I thought I was dreaming of pain in my right wrist.  It was intense and I wanted to wake and leave the pain behind in the world of sleep. However, this was not to be.  The pain was real and intense, shooting from my wrist to my fingers and then upward to my elbow.  What did I do, I ask myself?  My pool exercise of lifting myself must have been too intense, I mused.  Well, the pain is real and I must deal with it, because I can’t sleep.  First, I breathed deeply for several times and then I used my left hand to smooth out the tension.  The pain was still intense.  I am in the habit of not getting up if I wake in the night, my goal is to go back to sleep or listen to something meaningful or to meditate.  The pain was constant and I couldn’t get relief.  I asked myself, what will give me relief?  I will try the peppermint oil on the desk.  Ummm, smells so good and opens my nostrils with it’s peppery scent.  That feels nice as I breathe it in, but the pain doesn’t dissipate.  What do I need I ask again?  I am not in the habit of popping pills, so this was not an option.  Turmeric came to mind; make a turmeric paste, rub it in and secure it.  Unable to find an ace bandage, I used a flowery bandana to wrap over the spring water and turmeric paste.  I placed a rubber band onto the bandana


Turmeric stained hand

between my thumb and first finger and then went back to bed.  Thankfully, within a few minutes the pain decreased and I was able to relax. (Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.)  Sleep still alluded me, but it was a good time for reflection.  Pain is not always our enemy.  Here is what I wrote.

Pain is our opportunity to feel. Yes, we need relief because we can’t continue in severe pain. Ask for the method of relief in order to get clarity and then really feel your body. As the pain subsides, you can have a heightened sense of feeling. This actually serves to bring awareness to the present moment and the feeling body. The feeling body is accessing light and is a great gift to be cherished and appreciated. Pain and painful experiences are opportunities for exploration. They beg the question of why?  What am I to know as a result. All of life is an experience and when we can transcend the physical plane to heightened awareness, peace shines into every nook and cranny. Exposing goodness, truth, beauty and most of all love.

This is what I experienced as the result of my pain.  It served as a metaphor to me.  Don’t run from the painful experience.  Get relief, don’t stay in the fire, but feel into the pain.  What do I need to know at this moment?  Be prepared to listen and write.  It is from this powerful place truths emerge to cleanse and heal.  Peace and love to you my friend.

For inquiring minds, I recognized later that I must have slept hard and funny with my wrist in an awkward position.  This caused the pain and the turmeric helped alleviate the inflammation.  When I woke, I worked it out by using my hand and moving my fingers.  It is still sore, but much better.

Drugs and Destiny

From my journal:  Oct. 3, 2013

Inspiring thoughts arise with the early morning sounds of frogs, the wind on the leaves, the beauty of the dark with brightly shining stars and the flicker of the candlelight.

Thoughts this morning include creating our own destiny. I read about this often. Jesus taught this concept: “Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened”.  Paul spoke often of mystery and the seventh heaven. I will read of those again with fresh eyes. Healing is on my mind as well. My quest continues as I hunger for truth and the keys of our universe for healing.  I find this disturbing:  technology advances yet, we are so archaic in our medical practices.   Surgery and pills are a normal course of medical practice.  We trust a knife or chemical remedy rather than the bounty of the earth. Isn’t one of the fundamentals to problem solving: locating the source of the problem?  We also have excluded ourself in the healing process.  There is a basic truth regarding healing and health: Homeostasis which includes toxin removal (physical and mental) is the arena of perfect health. Having a body and mind that is at ease and in balance achieves harmony even in the light of advanced, progressive degeneration.  I can see this through the lives of  Michael J Fox with Parkinson’s Disease and Jude Chambers with Tuberous Sclerosis.

In a desire to be free from bodies that don’t work properly, we can look to our earth and learn the synergistic life of particular botanicals.   Why is it so surprising that herbs have the ability to relax the mind and body?  Why is it so surprising they can help our bodies adapt to stress and prevent illness from colds, flu and food borne maladies? Why is it so surprising that they can coagulate the blood, speed up the healing of a bruise or ease the pain of a toothache? Again the thought that we have lightening speed information at our fingertips, but at the same time have multiple reactions and interactions from the drugs we ingest is oxymoronic. Are we indeed becoming smarter, more enlightened or are we digressing because we have become too trusting of the current medical system.  We are so busy considering the next greatest thing that we miss what is right under our nose. The life forces that move within the seeds, veins and fragrances of our beautiful earth. It is time to wake up, slow down and smell the roses. It is time to relax into health, rid our lives of toxic grief and grub and to explore the miracles right under our nose. Breathe deeply the essence of healing found in the life blood of our earths bounty and improve our quality of living.

Today, June 23rd, I add these thoughts.  I experience excellent health, peace of mind and intuitions that prove trustworthy.   My life is unfolding beautifully and I am eternally grateful.  Ask, seek and knock works!

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I experience this even more powerfully today

NordykeRoadtreeI’m such a newbie in life in so many ways. Why? I try to control life instead of letting it flow. I desire to let it flow, and I can see at times I have allowed it. But, overall I don’t breathe deeply enough and judge too often. As I brushed my teeth, I realized how sweet the water tasted. This experience brought to my mind; with intention our life and everything can be sweet even during the most bitter times. This is the true life test of surrender and silencing the chattering mind as it seeks to be heard and obeyed. This chattering mind is young and inexperienced, in the silence comes wisdom and the flow that allows life to express itself perfectly.

May I relish in the silence and may my life flow in hope, peace, love and truth.

Julia’s journal, 6/21/2015 (yes, a year ago :-). I experience the truth from this prayer even more powerfully today. I have remained faithful by embracing the silence.  In the silence, between the thoughts, I experience the most profound peace and creative ideas.

What is Truth?

Truth is the highest form of knowledge.

It is the essence of wholeness.

It is the understanding of the enlightened.

It is the empowerment of the free.

What is truth?

IMG_2514Truth is:  That all is One.

Truth is:  As sentient beings we carry God within us and we are all light bearers and capable of love that is limitless and powerful.

The truth of the matter at hand:   We possess the ability for change.  Just as sunlight morphs the plant, yeast eats sugar and water smooths the rock; change is our essence.

Love undergirds us to be at peace, first with our self and then with others, even our enemies.  Live your truth and be free.

How to Find Freedom We Long For

There is divinity in each one of us.

Some are better at disguising it than others.  Have you noticed this in yourself?  Is it easy to see that some hide their divinity very well.  IMG_2891

Your eyes are not just a window into your soul, but a mirror as well, reflecting what you believe to be true about yourself.

Recognizing your divinity takes practice, but after a while it becomes the essence of you and then it flows naturally.

Did you know you are beautiful, my friend? When I think of you, I see the essence of you and it makes me smile.

I like few words, powerful punches and getting to the point. But, if you are expressing your feelings and trying to find the right words, then many words are sometimes necessary. Then it seems as if by magic, it all unfolds and your feelings take but a few words to express. Remember the solution is often very easy, finding it sometimes take time. When we reach within ourself, learn its pure and true essence, not just what we have been told; then we learn to love ourself, to be kind, to be patient and realize the duality.  Our physical body and the essence of who we really are two different entities.  The physical is temporary and the essence is eternal.  We then reach our essence and see it for the true beauty and light that it is.  We find what we have been longing for:  freedom.

Are you Spiritual or Religious? The Difference

Spiritual is based on connection and experience with the non-physical.

Religious is based on form and ritual in the physical.

While ritual has it’s place, it is only form if it is not a heart-felt spiritual experience.

Spirituality serves us in all of life.  It allows us to have a pure perspective and make good decisions.  In the truest sense, spirituality is you, the physical being connected with you, the eternal.  The eternal nature of you is  also one with the eternal Source, God.

There are only two people that we should legitimately judge.  1.  Ourself.  Be honest with yourself is the first step to deepen spirituality.  2.  The person we are considering giving money to or allowing to teach us.  We should know this person is walking in truth and not trying to serve in a way that is controlling, manipulative or just to make a buck.

Deepen your connection with yourself, with the Divine that connects all of creation and become wise.  It is your birthright.  Live it and enjoy the freedom that accompanies your true spiritual nature.