Are you Spiritual or Religious? The Difference

Spiritual is based on connection and experience with the non-physical.

Religious is based on form and ritual in the physical.

While ritual has it’s place, it is only form if it is not a heart-felt spiritual experience.

Spirituality serves us in all of life.  It allows us to have a pure perspective and make good decisions.  In the truest sense, spirituality is you, the physical being connected with you, the eternal.  The eternal nature of you is  also one with the eternal Source, God.

There are only two people that we should legitimately judge.  1.  Ourself.  Be honest with yourself is the first step to deepen spirituality.  2.  The person we are considering giving money to or allowing to teach us.  We should know this person is walking in truth and not trying to serve in a way that is controlling, manipulative or just to make a buck.

Deepen your connection with yourself, with the Divine that connects all of creation and become wise.  It is your birthright.  Live it and enjoy the freedom that accompanies your true spiritual nature.

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