How to Find Freedom We Long For

There is divinity in each one of us.

Some are better at disguising it than others.  Have you noticed this in yourself?  Is it easy to see that some hide their divinity very well.  IMG_2891

Your eyes are not just a window into your soul, but a mirror as well, reflecting what you believe to be true about yourself.

Recognizing your divinity takes practice, but after a while it becomes the essence of you and then it flows naturally.

Did you know you are beautiful, my friend? When I think of you, I see the essence of you and it makes me smile.

I like few words, powerful punches and getting to the point. But, if you are expressing your feelings and trying to find the right words, then many words are sometimes necessary. Then it seems as if by magic, it all unfolds and your feelings take but a few words to express. Remember the solution is often very easy, finding it sometimes take time. When we reach within ourself, learn its pure and true essence, not just what we have been told; then we learn to love ourself, to be kind, to be patient and realize the duality.  Our physical body and the essence of who we really are two different entities.  The physical is temporary and the essence is eternal.  We then reach our essence and see it for the true beauty and light that it is.  We find what we have been longing for:  freedom.

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