I experience this even more powerfully today

NordykeRoadtreeI’m such a newbie in life in so many ways. Why? I try to control life instead of letting it flow. I desire to let it flow, and I can see at times I have allowed it. But, overall I don’t breathe deeply enough and judge too often. As I brushed my teeth, I realized how sweet the water tasted. This experience brought to my mind; with intention our life and everything can be sweet even during the most bitter times. This is the true life test of surrender and silencing the chattering mind as it seeks to be heard and obeyed. This chattering mind is young and inexperienced, in the silence comes wisdom and the flow that allows life to express itself perfectly.

May I relish in the silence and may my life flow in hope, peace, love and truth.

Julia’s journal, 6/21/2015 (yes, a year ago :-). I experience the truth from this prayer even more powerfully today. I have remained faithful by embracing the silence.  In the silence, between the thoughts, I experience the most profound peace and creative ideas.

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