Drugs and Destiny

From my journal:  Oct. 3, 2013

Inspiring thoughts arise with the early morning sounds of frogs, the wind on the leaves, the beauty of the dark with brightly shining stars and the flicker of the candlelight.

Thoughts this morning include creating our own destiny. I read about this often. Jesus taught this concept: “Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened”.  Paul spoke often of mystery and the seventh heaven. I will read of those again with fresh eyes. Healing is on my mind as well. My quest continues as I hunger for truth and the keys of our universe for healing.  I find this disturbing:  technology advances yet, we are so archaic in our medical practices.   Surgery and pills are a normal course of medical practice.  We trust a knife or chemical remedy rather than the bounty of the earth. Isn’t one of the fundamentals to problem solving: locating the source of the problem?  We also have excluded ourself in the healing process.  There is a basic truth regarding healing and health: Homeostasis which includes toxin removal (physical and mental) is the arena of perfect health. Having a body and mind that is at ease and in balance achieves harmony even in the light of advanced, progressive degeneration.  I can see this through the lives of  Michael J Fox with Parkinson’s Disease and Jude Chambers with Tuberous Sclerosis.

In a desire to be free from bodies that don’t work properly, we can look to our earth and learn the synergistic life of particular botanicals.   Why is it so surprising that herbs have the ability to relax the mind and body?  Why is it so surprising they can help our bodies adapt to stress and prevent illness from colds, flu and food borne maladies? Why is it so surprising that they can coagulate the blood, speed up the healing of a bruise or ease the pain of a toothache? Again the thought that we have lightening speed information at our fingertips, but at the same time have multiple reactions and interactions from the drugs we ingest is oxymoronic. Are we indeed becoming smarter, more enlightened or are we digressing because we have become too trusting of the current medical system.  We are so busy considering the next greatest thing that we miss what is right under our nose. The life forces that move within the seeds, veins and fragrances of our beautiful earth. It is time to wake up, slow down and smell the roses. It is time to relax into health, rid our lives of toxic grief and grub and to explore the miracles right under our nose. Breathe deeply the essence of healing found in the life blood of our earths bounty and improve our quality of living.

Today, June 23rd, I add these thoughts.  I experience excellent health, peace of mind and intuitions that prove trustworthy.   My life is unfolding beautifully and I am eternally grateful.  Ask, seek and knock works!

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