I thought it was a dream

Turmeric smells this moment as a sweet perfume.  The turmeric paste covers my wrist. When the medicine is correct; it is sweet and sanctified.

I woke this morning after 2 hours of sleep.  I thought I was dreaming of pain in my right wrist.  It was intense and I wanted to wake and leave the pain behind in the world of sleep. However, this was not to be.  The pain was real and intense, shooting from my wrist to my fingers and then upward to my elbow.  What did I do, I ask myself?  My pool exercise of lifting myself must have been too intense, I mused.  Well, the pain is real and I must deal with it, because I can’t sleep.  First, I breathed deeply for several times and then I used my left hand to smooth out the tension.  The pain was still intense.  I am in the habit of not getting up if I wake in the night, my goal is to go back to sleep or listen to something meaningful or to meditate.  The pain was constant and I couldn’t get relief.  I asked myself, what will give me relief?  I will try the peppermint oil on the desk.  Ummm, smells so good and opens my nostrils with it’s peppery scent.  That feels nice as I breathe it in, but the pain doesn’t dissipate.  What do I need I ask again?  I am not in the habit of popping pills, so this was not an option.  Turmeric came to mind; make a turmeric paste, rub it in and secure it.  Unable to find an ace bandage, I used a flowery bandana to wrap over the spring water and turmeric paste.  I placed a rubber band onto the bandana


Turmeric stained hand

between my thumb and first finger and then went back to bed.  Thankfully, within a few minutes the pain decreased and I was able to relax. (Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.)  Sleep still alluded me, but it was a good time for reflection.  Pain is not always our enemy.  Here is what I wrote.

Pain is our opportunity to feel. Yes, we need relief because we can’t continue in severe pain. Ask for the method of relief in order to get clarity and then really feel your body. As the pain subsides, you can have a heightened sense of feeling. This actually serves to bring awareness to the present moment and the feeling body. The feeling body is accessing light and is a great gift to be cherished and appreciated. Pain and painful experiences are opportunities for exploration. They beg the question of why?  What am I to know as a result. All of life is an experience and when we can transcend the physical plane to heightened awareness, peace shines into every nook and cranny. Exposing goodness, truth, beauty and most of all love.

This is what I experienced as the result of my pain.  It served as a metaphor to me.  Don’t run from the painful experience.  Get relief, don’t stay in the fire, but feel into the pain.  What do I need to know at this moment?  Be prepared to listen and write.  It is from this powerful place truths emerge to cleanse and heal.  Peace and love to you my friend.

For inquiring minds, I recognized later that I must have slept hard and funny with my wrist in an awkward position.  This caused the pain and the turmeric helped alleviate the inflammation.  When I woke, I worked it out by using my hand and moving my fingers.  It is still sore, but much better.

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