Enlightenment is the state of mind that has released fear and hostility, to a stateIMG_3676that is permeated with love.  The mind is transformed and true healing (wholeness) occurs.  This occurs as the mind is renewed, reborn, and rejuvenated.  How do you renew your mind?  It is in the silence, the stillness, and the place between thoughts that renewal begins and continues as long as we live in the physical, the temporary.   Hope is born here, enthusiasm for life flows , and the quest for more abundance resides.  This is the process of growth.  Enlightenment lifts, illuminates and transforms.  So seek love above all things and gain enlightenment as a result.  Life is sweeter in the process, no matter what.  Keep in mind though, it’s not an intellectual pursuit.  It is a spiritual process.

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