Nettle Leaf = Vibrant Health

nettle-infusionWant More Energy?  Drink Nettle Infusion

Sounds weird, huh?  Drinking tea from a weed?  If you can get over the concept, then help is on the way in the form of a super energizing, nourishing beverage.  It is cheap, easy to make and if you put your mind to it, easy to drink.  At first, adding a bit of Tamari Sauce (fermented soy) may mellow it and make it more to your liking.  The saltiness is a good companion of this green super herb.  If you have a diversified palate, then you probably won’t be offended by it’s ‘green’ taste.  It is not bitter.

What is Nettle?  It actually is called stinging nettle since it grows with pricks that sting when harvesting without gloves.  It is easy to buy them in bulk (organically, of course) from a trusted source.  In the wild they look a bit like spearmint, but are not in the mint family.  Utica dioica, Stinging Nettle’s family is Urticaeae and has a long, long legacy for it’s use as food, medicine and fibre.

According to Susun Weed in Healing Wise, (Ash Tree Publishing, 1989) nettles are gentle enough to use as a nourishing brew everyday.  Do you need optimization in any of these areas:   heal damaged tissues, strengthen kidneys, adrenals, lungs, intestines, arteries?  Would you like to increase your energy, the vibrancy of your hair and skin?  Nettles are even an anti-hemorrhagic (stops bleeding) and contributes to over all well-being.   Consider adding this to your health enhancing practices.

Recipe for Dried Nettle leaf infusion (Tea):

1 oz.(1 cup) dried nettle (organic)

1 qt. water, spring or filtered

1 qt. jar with a lid

Boil the water.  Put the dried herb into the quart jar and then fill with the boiling water.  Stir with a  wooden spoon and add water until the jar is full to the top.  Place the lid on tightly and set aside to brew at least four hours or overnight.

Strain and squeeze the liquid out of the nettle.  You can drink it right away.  Store any remaining in the fridge right away and consume within two days.

It is delicious over ice, with honey or tamari sauce.  Experiment to suit your pallet.

I buy my organic Nettles from Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Check this out for more info:

These comments have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not constitute medical advice.  Please check with your medical care provider.  Nettles are considered food, but they also are powerful, as well as gentle for most.

Live in Love, Not Fear

Flowers multiI am deeply saddened over the pain experienced by most regarding the Pulse tragedy.  How do you, how do we, as people deal with such loss? Do we immediately pass judgement on the shooter or the victims?  Or do we understand the line between life and death is thin and remember the dead are not suffering, they are at peace.  However, our belief may dictate judgement to those at the club or the shooter himself.  Judgment of this nature may be overwhelming and distressing.  Acknowledging we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and death does not separate us from our true eternal self, can bring relief.  God’s gift to all of us is life and this gift is not distinguished by our actions on earth.  This gift is a gift, regardless of religious understandings or physical locations.  We are not separate beings except in our expression of life and how we choose to live.

I mourn for the families and friends experiencing the horror of losing a loved one in such a horrific manner.  I mourn for those suffering from injuries.  Mourning is appropriate.  But, let us not lose hope and let us shed light, love and tears in the midst of the agony.  Let us determine together to lift each other up, to not recount the horrible deeds, but to pray for those that are hurting in this moment.  And most of all, lose the fear.

With much love to all communities, friend and loved ones that are grieving this horrific loss.


Freedom From Emotional Clutter

I just listened to a pod cast featuring Donald Altman.  The experiences in his life lead to his new book: Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation.
He helps us to understand intellectually: we have the ability to affect our genes by the choices we make in our life.  How we decide to behave turns on or off genes affecting our immune system, aging, and free radicals, etc.  This is also known as epigenetics, which translates: above the genes.   He also references Herbert Benson, who in the 1960’s, explored how breath affects our parasympathetic system (think:  flight/flight, rest/digest).  Through his work, he helped us understand that we can bring the brain into balance with the body through our breath.  As we breathe more slowly we can think more rationally.

Altman suggests six clutter clearing mindfulness skills.  He uses the acronym, ‘Pair Up’, to describe these skills which can have a dramatic affect on our everyday lives.

Present Moment Participation
Attuned Acceptance
Intentionality (even our smallest daily actions can make a difference)
Understanding Suffering
Purposefully Partnership

plumeriaYou can listen to the iTunes podcast or read
the interview with Rabbi Rami.
Essential Conversations with Rabbi Rami from Spirituality & Health Magazine, March 11, 2016

Julia R. Parsell

Our World of Infinite Possibilities

Do you hear this heralded from the streets or across the airwaves?  There is not enough to go around.  You probably won’t have enough money, land, wealth, or health.  In reality, the opposite is true.   Abundance can be found everywhere;  a forest, a seashore, large city or a desert. Think of how many leaves are on the trees and that they keep growing and reproducing.  Think of the waves that keep coming.  Think of the weeds growing in the cracks of a sidewalk.  Think of the grains of sand in a vast desert.  The berries on a vine.DSC_0063 Take a trip outside of the city in the US and marvel how much green space still exists.

Most sages taught the principle of abundance, but with reinforcement such as the media, we negate the principle and live in squalor of soul and body.  Abundance is true; it is the right for every living soul. You ask, how can a person born in poverty, with limited opportunity recognize abundance?  Then you might ask the many who have risen out of these conditions and radically changed their life and their world.  They believed in something bigger than themselves. They came to know truth in an experiential way. They became knowledgeable, not from books, but from experiences and innate truths they captured, nurtured and then lived.  This is truth for all, not just a for some. The truth can indeed set you free. Look for it and live it. Try it out with patience and perseverance. It’s called faith and it works.  Search for abundance in your world and appreciate it.  It will show itself.  Ask, how can I be more abundant in my thoughts and actions?  Then, let it flow.