Sensual breakfast

Eating is one of our more sensual experiences, thus savoring it instead of devouring it offers much to our humanity.  Living from this perspective creates space for lots of wonderful food experiences.  There is actually no wrong or right in what we eat, it is much about how we eat.  Three key words here: experience, perspective, space.
1. Experience: What do you desire? A full belly and then move on; or a full belly with contentment resulting a light, energetic feeling.
2. Perspective: How you look at food changes your relationship with it. Is it merely fuel or is it nourishment?
3. Space: Do you like a cramped, chocked full life; or do you like a liberated feeling that opens doors to more expansiveness, awareness and opportunity?

Our relationship with food has much to say about our life. Food should not be master, but our servant. As we understand its energy and vibrancy, then our choices are sweet and impactful leaving us hungering for our next sensual experience.

I just experienced sensual food at Blue Jasper in Bradenton, FL.  The golden brown veggie crepe exploded with flavor. IMG_3860A hint of
curry offered a sweetness to the lightly sautéed spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and melted cheese. The nice contrast of light crispness to the indulgent richness of the veggies was very satisfying.  As I topped it with a taste of tomato chard,
the flavors expanded and resonated with my desire for a most sensual experience.  This was one of the best breakfast experiences in a restaurant that I can remember.  Going out for breakfast is a concession for me, I prefer to make succulent, tasty treats in my own home.

Please share with me and others your sensual food experiences.


Miracles exist today just as they did in time of Jesus.  As a young person, I was perplexed by the thought that miracles only existed during a certain period of history.  Today the revival of miracles is showing forth.  They have never ceased to exist, most of us have just been unaware of them and thus don’t expect them.



and fear dissipates

Peel back the emotions and uncover your heart. It is the key to your life. When you are in touch with your heart, then your brain and your emotions no longer hold you captive. You have a sense of freedom and fear begins to dissipate.

IMG_2174Science is a roadblock to reality, not the road. Reality exists beyond what we can physically see, taste or touch. It is from this place that mysteries are solved and choices are clear.  At this point reality IS:  beautiful, clear, peaceful, and causes no harm.

How do you uncover your heart?  Through breath, awareness, mindfulness, and meditation.  Also, through touching the earth, getting quiet and appreciating the connectiveness of all things. By getting artificial out of your body and your mind. By learning to be authentic and stop hiding. By realizing most people are more concerned with what you think of them and not what you think.  Peel back you emotions, appreciate them, they are your internal guidance system.  Uncover your heart, take time to know yourself.  You are the key.