Overcoming that feeling of rejection

I had an amazing Kundalini mediation as I woke on this early August morning.  It was exhilarating, the enowlergy flowed through my body and was orgasmic.  I love being in this state.  All is love, all is joy, all is vitality, all is whole.  It is beautiful living and a state of non-attachment to anything.

I have desired and written about over the past several years that my greatest desire is to serve others in becoming their best self.  It is a quest that continues in my heart and soul.  What has stopped me?

First, I have been
becoming me.  It has been a process and I have had the luxury of spending time in contemplation, mediation and energetic renewal.

Secondly, I have had to let go of the fear of being rejected and judged. I feel I am there, free from this prison.  I do care what others think, but not about me personally.  How can they really know me?  They can only judge by who they are and the experiences that they have had.  They have a container by which they make decisions for their life and how to respond to others.  They have their own prison of belief that limits their own true expression of love and freedom.  So from this point of view, I have no thing to fear.  Fear is an illusionary state.  When we can break that illusion then we can be fearless.  It’s a beautiful state of being.

Thirdly, I have to let go of the thought that I don’t know enough and am not a good enough communicator to talk with groups or individuals about how to be whole and happy.  I believe I have broken this barrier.  I have ease about the subject, because like everything else, it is a process, a becoming, a means and not an end.  There is always more, and always just enough.  There is a wealth of knowledge, understanding, exploration, it continues and my eternal self is the Source, the Connection to it all.  If I remain open and pure in my seeking, my desire to give back everything I need will be available to me.  This is the furtherest point away from ego.  Ego seeks to build the little self up, the eternal self wishes to build others up.

A life filled with love, joy and vitality.  This is me and it can be all of us.

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