A Miracle is the Unfolding of Truth

When we become disillusioned with the illusion then our eye really opens.  Actually not our physical eye, but our third eye.  The third eye is the eye of intuition, illumination and inspiration.  It is the eye that develops as we balance our energetic bodies.
When our bodies are balanced then we are whole and at ease and disease is no longer an issue.

goniatiteThink whole, live whole, be whole.  Why separate the science from the spirit?  The science is the hard fact, our physical body; the spiritual is the other part of our being and the connection with Source and all that is.  When we separate the two, with disregard to one or the other suffering occurs.  To disregard the physical body affects our minds and our health, to disregard our spiritual bodies is like becoming dismembered.  Parts of us are missing energetically speaking.  When we can bring into union our physical body with our spiritual body, then wholeness occurs.  Wholeness equal healing.  Another person may help facilitate this union, but it is you and the Source within you that completes the healing process.

We are coming into a new era of humanity.  One that is governed by spirit.  From this place peace will occur from within and will affect our entire environment.  All of us can aid this evolution by learning to live by spirit and remember that we are whole.  When we remember we are whole and act upon that memory then what se
ems to be the miraculous occurs.  Miracles happen everyday and not by chance, but by design.  We are designed to be a miracle, our earth is designed to be a miracle.  A miracle is an unfolding of the truth.  It is the formation of new life and the passing on of the expended physical body.  It is the fibonacci sequence seen throughout all of life from the frond of a fern to the fossil of an goniatite.

Be balanced energetically and experience wholeness.  I would love to aid you in awakening your inner fire and becoming who you know you really are.

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