Thriving:  What it Means to Me

Thriving: What it Means to Me

Thriving:  What it Means to Me

To thrive is to live an inspired life. A life in spirit. Knowing that I am more than a physical body. I am a creation and I live, now, in heaven. Heaven on earth is a reality and hell on earth is a reality. I have been created with free will and I choose how I want to exist. I am not a victim of circumstances. I am not limited, but abundant. I am not fearful, but courageous. These are true statements and available for all. I am unique in my expression, but not higher or lower than any other human being. I thrive because I connect i with I. The egoic self, i, with the eternal self, I. Divinity is within me and it is within all of creation made in the image of God. There is no separation from God, ever for what ever reason. We can not be separate. We are created in the image of God. I was raised in America, in the Christian tradition. If I had been born in another area of the world, I may have been trained in another religious tradition. I still would be a creation of God. It would not have separated me from knowing God. I thrive because I choose to thrive, no matter the circumstance. I live my life open to lessons for learning, because I am imperfect in my egoic self. The lessons can be long and arduous or they can be quick and change me for the better. It is my choice. How quickly I respond is based upon my connection with Spirit, the I within me. When the egoic self, i, is in control thriving seems to be a long way away. When the divine self, I, is in control, thriving is effortless. We are all divine, no matter where we live or what religion we practice. It is man’s words that cause the separation. In my tradition, I learned to pray like this from Jesus Christ, “Our Father, who art in heaven….”. I learned from Jesus that the Kingdom of Heaven is within me. I learned from Jesus that, I am,  is in me as it was in Him. I learned from Jesus that we are all God’s children.

To thrive is to know there is no separation from God and that our choices in life affect our physical life and not our eternal life.

My husband, Bob took this picture in Sept. 2016 as we visited Lake Superior near Montreal River Harbor.  It is unedited.