A Simple Truth:  Eyes Wide Open and Shut

Maybe it’s just beyond our reach or seems too simplistic or complex, but deep inside we know it’s true. We are more than flesh and blood. We are spirit. We are eternal and we made a choice to come live in this physical body. We wanted to feel, to experience, to know what it’s like to make choices and have consequences. What it’s like to have things just beyond (what we think) is our control and experience. Somewhere along the way, what we knew as children, became lost to us. The knowledge that we came into this world by choice. This knowledge of choice became dim through conditioning. We grew as children in environments that were challenging. We were born with physical characteristics and mental characteristics that we had to figure out “how to work” or “how to make the best of”. Some of us became good at it and followed natural inclinations. Some of us were challenged. We didn’t think the eternal spirit in us was real, so we squelched it. We pushed it down, so it was practically non existent. But one day, we felt something, we had an inner knowing that tingled and then we woke up. We realized that life was something more than just making movements and motions during a day. It was more than a mundane existance. We smiled and we knew that we had a lot to recover. We had a lot more choices and opportunities than we ever felt was possible. We became thirsty for truth. We realized we were parched and we started drinking deeply. We smiled, yet we also felt judged. We thought, others will think we are crazy. This must be something I keep quiet. Or even worse, we denied that inner tugging. But, deep within, we knew that there was something more. Something greater, bigger, and more beautiful than we could even imagine. So we went with it and we decided to abandon reasoning and drink fully. We breathed deeply and then with eyes wide open and shut, we began to explore.

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