Our true north star is the joy, possibilities regardless of what we see

My days of doing are over. My days of being will always continue. It is from this place that all is well and all is done in its completeness. I tend to the garden of my soul and all the while grow corn and potatoes. The sunlit garden of my soul, my eternal self, the divine within me beacons me to share love, peace, grace and peace during these days of turmoil. Fractionalized groups have emerged out of fear and fury has become common place. It is but a natural occurrence just as storms erupt or the fires rage and purification follows. All of us get caught up in the physical occurrences as if that is all there is and that doom is surely to follow. No, that is not what it is. We as egoic members of this world, think, think, worry, worry, fear, fear that we are the controller of all things and that is not so. We affect things yes, but the effect is not what we think. We are not the end all of the processes. What we affect more than we realize is how we respond, how we feel, how we perceive. It is from here that our effectiveness can be realized. We are so much more than physical and so is our world. Yes, we cry, we grieve, we wail and all the while we don’t realize the splinter will eventually work its way out and the pain will cease and the wound will heal. In the midst of the pain, can’t we acknowledge this fact? A healthy body heals quickly and health is available to all regardless of the situation. Regardless of the situation. Can we not get this? Are we so far removed that we have forgotten this truth? Faith is not by sight, faith is the inner knowing of the eternal truth that resides for all people, in all places at all times. Our feelings are the compass. Our true north star is the joy that is possible regardless of what we see. We must be compelled to sing, in mourning or in delight, but to express ourselves wholly and fully to the Divine in us all. To recognize that we are all one and the hurts can be healed when we truly love, when we truly feel peace and we let go of the pride of our wounded or inflated intellects. Love is not to judge, it is to walk in the other shoes and feel the connectedness. Join the conversation and don’t be upset when your peaceful manner offends, let love and peace continue. Neither shall we hit another in the face with our peaceful place, peace and love dissolve with this kind of smack. Empathize and lead the discussion to a place of common ground. If your still waters are moved, center yourself and remain calm. Look to the changing moons. A full moon lasts but for hours, but its will be full again soon in days. It is sure and constant in its ever changing state. Be of good cheer, pursue activities that bring your joy and pass the plate of peace and love to others.

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