What to do with strife?

This is how I choose to live:  love more, judge less. If I have learned anything in these 6 decades of life, it is this:  at some point you and I will disagree. It’s just the way it goes. Does it have to be that one of us is right and the other is wrong? Isn’t existence bigger than that? Isn’t it even larger than hard facts?   The thoughts running in our head are often so loud we can’t hear anything else, let alone that you need of a hug and a blessing, not a scowl of disapproval. That you need to be heard, even if I can’t agree. It’s ok to disagree. It’s ok. Allowance is a beautiful thing. It’s expansive and gives rise to opportunity. It doesn’t break our mental or spiritual bank, but actually enhances it. What we fight against grows as well. The garden, the results, are usually not pretty. Large example:  warring against something causes increase, not decrease. War on drugs, war against cancer…waging war is not the answer.
Let us use a disciplined imagination for a brighter future, for smiles, hugs, and being ok that we will not always agree. It is ok. It is ok.

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