How to live with the turmoil

When I used to read stories of the horrible conditions in Europe during the Nazi regime, I wondered how Americans could live happily and so disengaged.  Shouldn’t everyone be sad and experience the plight of those that were being oppressed?  But, as I walked on this Earth and grew in understanding, I learned we are not meant to experience everyone’s miseries.  We are not equipped to do so.  Grace is a wonderful word:   it is a bestowment of a gift, undeserved and not even asked for.  It just shows up.  It shows up when needed and especially for those in need.  The one in turmoil receives the grace, the onlooker feels the misery.  Does this mean that the one in peril does not feel the misery?  They do, but grace steps in to aid.  But what pushes grace away from being experienced?  Fear!  And how does fear continue in a tumultuous situation?  By histeria, misinformation and a perspective that negates the power of light over the darkness.  As an onlooker to those in peril, how can we be effective, how can we make a difference? Prayer.  The power of prayer is an effective as turning a light on in a dark room.  The light overcomes the darkness and prayer is a way to shed love in dark world filled with fear.  The eternal Spirit, we all possess, and the cord of humanity that links us together is mysterious, just as the birth of any creature is miraculous.  Both extraordinary and ordinary.  Prayer can be as simple as sending love to those known and unknown. There is no effort to fill a dark room with light, it’s a process that is proven and works because there is a power source enabling it.  Our power source is the Creator and the Spirit is our eternal part that courses mysteriously through us.  We are linked together through this Spirit and the cord of humanity.   Yes, grieve for those who are hurting, but don’t stop there:  pray for them, near and far.  Send them love.  Yes, share your resources as you are able, but don’t stop there:  send them love.  We all can be abundant in love, we all can live in this space of unlimited resources of power and grace.  We often get mislead by those that wish to control us and lead us to live fearfully,  we are not meant to live this way.  We are meant to live free and abundant.  I was raised Christian and grew to love the words of Jesus.  His love for those far and near is the example we need.  He taught, just as the Father and I are One, so are You!  He came to show All of us how to live life more abundantly.  Somewhere along the way the His message of love became distorted and judgement overshadowed Love and fear replaced it.  Let us draw together and be still and send love, be love, walk love.  Let’s each be an instrument of light, not of fear.  When we turn our own fears into prayers of love, then our sense of turmoil is diminished.  The feelings of helplessness are relieved.  Yes, share your resources, but first pray.

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