~~~~~ I wish you More ~~~~~~

When a flood comes, the only thing that doesn’t get carried away are the things with deep roots. 

I asked myself — what are my deep roots?  Deep with I knew the answer, my faith — a knowing that everything we witness (encounter) here on Earth is an experience.  It is shrouded many times in mystery; especially the difficult experiences.  I knew as I looked deeply, when we hang on to the physical — the form — we most always come up short, lacking, disappointed, and frustrated.

~~~~More~~~~is the key.  A knowing deep within that there is More to life than the physical aspect.  More to living, beyond our physical senses.  This is where we are ALIVE.  Our physical keeps us bound, but our faith, the More – keeps us grounded and secure.

The More is where fear looses it tight grip.

The More is where expansiveness resides in each one of us — all of us!

There is no magic formula, no way to get it, no person to request it from, it is in us now!

The More is the spark of divinity with us — it is our heart.  It supersedes all physical reasoning and intellect.  It is genius.  And we all have it.

Most of us have not remembered this truth.  We forgot and in our forgetting, we suffer.  Suffering is not bad.  We all experience, it is part of our human experience.  Yet, it does not have to have dominion over our human experience.  In the MORE, our divinity, our faith — we wake up and know in our heart that we can transform, expand, and rise to embrace the suffering in this physical plane with a renewing of our mind — so our torment is lessened and our body is relaxed and our faith is restored.  Our minds can’t reason this.  Our hearts know it is true.  My wish for you is More – so much more that you burst inside and light fills the room. 

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