The Most Liberated Place

The Most Liberated Place

Are you aware of the most liberated places in the entire world? It’s within you feeling no judgement. Now that is a beautiful land to behold. It is a place of light, a vast array of colors and spectrums each casting brilliant beams. It is warm, comfortable, loving, and so inviting you never want to leave. If you slip and find that old conditioning has pulled you down, then leave that dank place and get back to the brilliance. What is also so wonderful about this brilliant place? It’s your choice to be there. No others. You can be the difference. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s not available to the few, it’s granted to us all. Inward focus with concentrated detail on truth and universal laws hold the key.

The Power of the Feminine

“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” Maya Angelou

Politicians do no represent me. Our current president does not and Elizabeth Warren does not. As a woman, a human I seek truth and I don’t find it in news outlets or opinion articles. Truth resides within me and is from the Source that is within every living being. It is from this standard I live my life.

Some women have found a torch bearer in Elizabeth Warren, but does she represent an ideal or does her voice rise to the top because she opposes certain politics? Does she represent truth or does she bring to light the ugliness of politics? Was she wronged on the Senate floor or was she in the wrong by showing blatant disregard to a fellow senator? A person of truth, of integrity doesn’t have to belittle to make a point. Stand on firm ground with dignity. Make your voice heard not by yelling, but by whispering. Whisper truth, live truth, be truth. This is the way to impact the world, our world. This is the way to peace. May people of integrity rise, may their whispers be heard and resonate with those of us who don’t want politics as usual. Elizabeth Warren does not represent me. Why? She has chosen to represent a male dominated world in woman’s clothes. As women, we can lead strongly without the antics of aggression. Both masculine and feminine qualities are vital, but either alone or in excess tip the scale and disorder ensues.

May each of us choose to live truth, be truth. May our lives be an expression of peace and order. May we not be swayed by the current state of affairs. This is not living in silence or acceptance. This is making a bold statement with every breath. Because the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Each one of us living truth and not being swayed by what we inherently dislike will be influential. We don’t have to stand on the street corner with a sign or be scolded by those with loud voices. We can make a difference by living truth. It resides within each of us. This is the power of the feminine. It is quiet and it is most definitely strong.

Taking a moment to wonder and question

I am white, I am a woman.  And I have questions.

First my statement of belief:  I stand for the rights of all people.  People of color, people with disabilities, people with sexual orientation different from mine, people rich in things of the world, people poor in things of the world, people with high intelligence, people with low intelligence, people who are wise, people who are foolish, people who are peace loving and people who are fearful.  There are two distinct features that unite and divide us:  humanity and culture.  There is no denying either.  A group of people threatened typically unifies.  If our country was attacked by another country or by aliens, we would find common ground quickly and cultural differences would not be an important factor, safety would.

Culture is an interesting concept.  It molds and conditions our thoughts and actions.  Most times we accept what we know and is what is familiar (family, religious teachings).  It is comfortable to stay in this perimeter.  If we have a hard time accepting others different:  physically, morally, religiously, then could we stretch our imagination and wonder?  How could wonder change things?   What would it be like to be born in a different environment?  Could we expand our thoughts to be more inclusive?  How would we feel if a child we loved dearly couldn’t walk, talk or was deformed?  How would that change our life?  What if we were the one being judged, instead of the one looking and wondering what went wrong?  What if we were born with the genitals of one sex, but the mind of another gender?  How would that feel?  Would we question our idenity?  Would we be fearful, would we be loved and accepted?  How would that change our life and our life’s expression?

People of the world, people of America – we need to embrace the diversity that exists among us and not be fearful.  We are not minions, we are all individuals.  Even if we can’t love one another, let us at least accept that differences exist.  I encourage each of us to seek and to know our true self.  The self existing beyond culture, personality, and even beyond humanity.  Find the true self living beyond judgement.  The true self that is pure and not conditioned.  It is from this place true and lasting peace exists for us as individuals and as a people.

What to do with strife?

What to do with strife?

This is how I choose to live:  love more, judge less. If I have learned anything in these 6 decades of life, it is this:  at some point you and I will disagree. It’s just the way it goes. Does it have to be that one of us is right and the other is wrong? Isn’t existence bigger than that? Isn’t it even larger than hard facts?   The thoughts running in our head are often so loud we can’t hear anything else, let alone that you need of a hug and a blessing, not a scowl of disapproval. That you need to be heard, even if I can’t agree. It’s ok to disagree. It’s ok. Allowance is a beautiful thing. It’s expansive and gives rise to opportunity. It doesn’t break our mental or spiritual bank, but actually enhances it. What we fight against grows as well. The garden, the results, are usually not pretty. Large example:  warring against something causes increase, not decrease. War on drugs, war against cancer…waging war is not the answer.
Let us use a disciplined imagination for a brighter future, for smiles, hugs, and being ok that we will not always agree. It is ok. It is ok.

Our true north star is the joy,  possibilities regardless of what we see

Our true north star is the joy, possibilities regardless of what we see

My days of doing are over. My days of being will always continue. It is from this place that all is well and all is done in its completeness. I tend to the garden of my soul and all the while grow corn and potatoes. The sunlit garden of my soul, my eternal self, the divine within me beacons me to share love, peace, grace and peace during these days of turmoil. Fractionalized groups have emerged out of fear and fury has become common place. It is but a natural occurrence just as storms erupt or the fires rage and purification follows. All of us get caught up in the physical occurrences as if that is all there is and that doom is surely to follow. No, that is not what it is. We as egoic members of this world, think, think, worry, worry, fear, fear that we are the controller of all things and that is not so. We affect things yes, but the effect is not what we think. We are not the end all of the processes. What we affect more than we realize is how we respond, how we feel, how we perceive. It is from here that our effectiveness can be realized. We are so much more than physical and so is our world. Yes, we cry, we grieve, we wail and all the while we don’t realize the splinter will eventually work its way out and the pain will cease and the wound will heal. In the midst of the pain, can’t we acknowledge this fact? A healthy body heals quickly and health is available to all regardless of the situation. Regardless of the situation. Can we not get this? Are we so far removed that we have forgotten this truth? Faith is not by sight, faith is the inner knowing of the eternal truth that resides for all people, in all places at all times. Our feelings are the compass. Our true north star is the joy that is possible regardless of what we see. We must be compelled to sing, in mourning or in delight, but to express ourselves wholly and fully to the Divine in us all. To recognize that we are all one and the hurts can be healed when we truly love, when we truly feel peace and we let go of the pride of our wounded or inflated intellects. Love is not to judge, it is to walk in the other shoes and feel the connectedness. Join the conversation and don’t be upset when your peaceful manner offends, let love and peace continue. Neither shall we hit another in the face with our peaceful place, peace and love dissolve with this kind of smack. Empathize and lead the discussion to a place of common ground. If your still waters are moved, center yourself and remain calm. Look to the changing moons. A full moon lasts but for hours, but its will be full again soon in days. It is sure and constant in its ever changing state. Be of good cheer, pursue activities that bring your joy and pass the plate of peace and love to others.

The Fields Are White as Snow

The Fields Are White as Snow

Do you feel it? Are you being it? Living it? Expressing it?Turn down the voices that cry out, seeking to confuse and scatter. Set your course to what you know, within, is Truth. It is the highest potential and It is the only way that we all will find union. Ask and it shall be given, seek and doors will be opened. It is within you and it is within all, no one is excluded, no matter their belief. It is the great unifying factor. Open yourself fully to It. It is Love. The Divine expresses through us in love and we express divinity to others by love. We have nothing to prove, to convince, we only have love. It is our breath and our bread. It is our life and death. It is our existence for now. It is our future as the past is gone, and love is alive.

A Simple Truth:  Eyes Wide Open and Shut

Maybe it’s just beyond our reach or seems too simplistic or complex, but deep inside we know it’s true. We are more than flesh and blood. We are spirit. We are eternal and we made a choice to come live in this physical body. We wanted to feel, to experience, to know what it’s like to make choices and have consequences. What it’s like to have things just beyond (what we think) is our control and experience. Somewhere along the way, what we knew as children, became lost to us. The knowledge that we came into this world by choice. This knowledge of choice became dim through conditioning. We grew as children in environments that were challenging. We were born with physical characteristics and mental characteristics that we had to figure out “how to work” or “how to make the best of”. Some of us became good at it and followed natural inclinations. Some of us were challenged. We didn’t think the eternal spirit in us was real, so we squelched it. We pushed it down, so it was practically non existent. But one day, we felt something, we had an inner knowing that tingled and then we woke up. We realized that life was something more than just making movements and motions during a day. It was more than a mundane existance. We smiled and we knew that we had a lot to recover. We had a lot more choices and opportunities than we ever felt was possible. We became thirsty for truth. We realized we were parched and we started drinking deeply. We smiled, yet we also felt judged. We thought, others will think we are crazy. This must be something I keep quiet. Or even worse, we denied that inner tugging. But, deep within, we knew that there was something more. Something greater, bigger, and more beautiful than we could even imagine. So we went with it and we decided to abandon reasoning and drink fully. We breathed deeply and then with eyes wide open and shut, we began to explore.

Thriving:  What it Means to Me

Thriving: What it Means to Me

Thriving:  What it Means to Me

To thrive is to live an inspired life. A life in spirit. Knowing that I am more than a physical body. I am a creation and I live, now, in heaven. Heaven on earth is a reality and hell on earth is a reality. I have been created with free will and I choose how I want to exist. I am not a victim of circumstances. I am not limited, but abundant. I am not fearful, but courageous. These are true statements and available for all. I am unique in my expression, but not higher or lower than any other human being. I thrive because I connect i with I. The egoic self, i, with the eternal self, I. Divinity is within me and it is within all of creation made in the image of God. There is no separation from God, ever for what ever reason. We can not be separate. We are created in the image of God. I was raised in America, in the Christian tradition. If I had been born in another area of the world, I may have been trained in another religious tradition. I still would be a creation of God. It would not have separated me from knowing God. I thrive because I choose to thrive, no matter the circumstance. I live my life open to lessons for learning, because I am imperfect in my egoic self. The lessons can be long and arduous or they can be quick and change me for the better. It is my choice. How quickly I respond is based upon my connection with Spirit, the I within me. When the egoic self, i, is in control thriving seems to be a long way away. When the divine self, I, is in control, thriving is effortless. We are all divine, no matter where we live or what religion we practice. It is man’s words that cause the separation. In my tradition, I learned to pray like this from Jesus Christ, “Our Father, who art in heaven….”. I learned from Jesus that the Kingdom of Heaven is within me. I learned from Jesus that, I am,  is in me as it was in Him. I learned from Jesus that we are all God’s children.

To thrive is to know there is no separation from God and that our choices in life affect our physical life and not our eternal life.

My husband, Bob took this picture in Sept. 2016 as we visited Lake Superior near Montreal River Harbor.  It is unedited.

A Miracle is the Unfolding of Truth

When we become disillusioned with the illusion then our eye really opens.  Actually not our physical eye, but our third eye.  The third eye is the eye of intuition, illumination and inspiration.  It is the eye that develops as we balance our energetic bodies.
When our bodies are balanced then we are whole and at ease and disease is no longer an issue.

goniatiteThink whole, live whole, be whole.  Why separate the science from the spirit?  The science is the hard fact, our physical body; the spiritual is the other part of our being and the connection with Source and all that is.  When we separate the two, with disregard to one or the other suffering occurs.  To disregard the physical body affects our minds and our health, to disregard our spiritual bodies is like becoming dismembered.  Parts of us are missing energetically speaking.  When we can bring into union our physical body with our spiritual body, then wholeness occurs.  Wholeness equal healing.  Another person may help facilitate this union, but it is you and the Source within you that completes the healing process.

We are coming into a new era of humanity.  One that is governed by spirit.  From this place peace will occur from within and will affect our entire environment.  All of us can aid this evolution by learning to live by spirit and remember that we are whole.  When we remember we are whole and act upon that memory then what se
ems to be the miraculous occurs.  Miracles happen everyday and not by chance, but by design.  We are designed to be a miracle, our earth is designed to be a miracle.  A miracle is an unfolding of the truth.  It is the formation of new life and the passing on of the expended physical body.  It is the fibonacci sequence seen throughout all of life from the frond of a fern to the fossil of an goniatite.

Be balanced energetically and experience wholeness.  I would love to aid you in awakening your inner fire and becoming who you know you really are.

Overcoming that feeling of rejection

I had an amazing Kundalini mediation as I woke on this early August morning.  It was exhilarating, the enowlergy flowed through my body and was orgasmic.  I love being in this state.  All is love, all is joy, all is vitality, all is whole.  It is beautiful living and a state of non-attachment to anything.

I have desired and written about over the past several years that my greatest desire is to serve others in becoming their best self.  It is a quest that continues in my heart and soul.  What has stopped me?

First, I have been
becoming me.  It has been a process and I have had the luxury of spending time in contemplation, mediation and energetic renewal.

Secondly, I have had to let go of the fear of being rejected and judged. I feel I am there, free from this prison.  I do care what others think, but not about me personally.  How can they really know me?  They can only judge by who they are and the experiences that they have had.  They have a container by which they make decisions for their life and how to respond to others.  They have their own prison of belief that limits their own true expression of love and freedom.  So from this point of view, I have no thing to fear.  Fear is an illusionary state.  When we can break that illusion then we can be fearless.  It’s a beautiful state of being.

Thirdly, I have to let go of the thought that I don’t know enough and am not a good enough communicator to talk with groups or individuals about how to be whole and happy.  I believe I have broken this barrier.  I have ease about the subject, because like everything else, it is a process, a becoming, a means and not an end.  There is always more, and always just enough.  There is a wealth of knowledge, understanding, exploration, it continues and my eternal self is the Source, the Connection to it all.  If I remain open and pure in my seeking, my desire to give back everything I need will be available to me.  This is the furtherest point away from ego.  Ego seeks to build the little self up, the eternal self wishes to build others up.

A life filled with love, joy and vitality.  This is me and it can be all of us.