Taking a moment to wonder and question

I am white, I am a woman.  And I have questions.

First my statement of belief:  I stand for the rights of all people.  People of color, people with disabilities, people with sexual orientation different from mine, people rich in things of the world, people poor in things of the world, people with high intelligence, people with low intelligence, people who are wise, people who are foolish, people who are peace loving and people who are fearful.  There are two distinct features that unite and divide us:  humanity and culture.  There is no denying either.  A group of people threatened typically unifies.  If our country was attacked by another country or by aliens, we would find common ground quickly and cultural differences would not be an important factor, safety would.

Culture is an interesting concept.  It molds and conditions our thoughts and actions.  Most times we accept what we know and is what is familiar (family, religious teachings).  It is comfortable to stay in this perimeter.  If we have a hard time accepting others different:  physically, morally, religiously, then could we stretch our imagination and wonder?  How could wonder change things?   What would it be like to be born in a different environment?  Could we expand our thoughts to be more inclusive?  How would we feel if a child we loved dearly couldn’t walk, talk or was deformed?  How would that change our life?  What if we were the one being judged, instead of the one looking and wondering what went wrong?  What if we were born with the genitals of one sex, but the mind of another gender?  How would that feel?  Would we question our idenity?  Would we be fearful, would we be loved and accepted?  How would that change our life and our life’s expression?

People of the world, people of America – we need to embrace the diversity that exists among us and not be fearful.  We are not minions, we are all individuals.  Even if we can’t love one another, let us at least accept that differences exist.  I encourage each of us to seek and to know our true self.  The self existing beyond culture, personality, and even beyond humanity.  Find the true self living beyond judgement.  The true self that is pure and not conditioned.  It is from this place true and lasting peace exists for us as individuals and as a people.

Live in Love, Not Fear

Flowers multiI am deeply saddened over the pain experienced by most regarding the Pulse tragedy.  How do you, how do we, as people deal with such loss? Do we immediately pass judgement on the shooter or the victims?  Or do we understand the line between life and death is thin and remember the dead are not suffering, they are at peace.  However, our belief may dictate judgement to those at the club or the shooter himself.  Judgment of this nature may be overwhelming and distressing.  Acknowledging we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and death does not separate us from our true eternal self, can bring relief.  God’s gift to all of us is life and this gift is not distinguished by our actions on earth.  This gift is a gift, regardless of religious understandings or physical locations.  We are not separate beings except in our expression of life and how we choose to live.

I mourn for the families and friends experiencing the horror of losing a loved one in such a horrific manner.  I mourn for those suffering from injuries.  Mourning is appropriate.  But, let us not lose hope and let us shed light, love and tears in the midst of the agony.  Let us determine together to lift each other up, to not recount the horrible deeds, but to pray for those that are hurting in this moment.  And most of all, lose the fear.

With much love to all communities, friend and loved ones that are grieving this horrific loss.