Miracles exist today just as they did in time of Jesus.  As a young person, I was perplexed by the thought that miracles only existed during a certain period of history.  Today the revival of miracles is showing forth.  They have never ceased to exist, most of us have just been unaware of them and thus don’t expect them.



Live in Love, Not Fear

Flowers multiI am deeply saddened over the pain experienced by most regarding the Pulse tragedy.  How do you, how do we, as people deal with such loss? Do we immediately pass judgement on the shooter or the victims?  Or do we understand the line between life and death is thin and remember the dead are not suffering, they are at peace.  However, our belief may dictate judgement to those at the club or the shooter himself.  Judgment of this nature may be overwhelming and distressing.  Acknowledging we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and death does not separate us from our true eternal self, can bring relief.  God’s gift to all of us is life and this gift is not distinguished by our actions on earth.  This gift is a gift, regardless of religious understandings or physical locations.  We are not separate beings except in our expression of life and how we choose to live.

I mourn for the families and friends experiencing the horror of losing a loved one in such a horrific manner.  I mourn for those suffering from injuries.  Mourning is appropriate.  But, let us not lose hope and let us shed light, love and tears in the midst of the agony.  Let us determine together to lift each other up, to not recount the horrible deeds, but to pray for those that are hurting in this moment.  And most of all, lose the fear.

With much love to all communities, friend and loved ones that are grieving this horrific loss.